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"Allow Art to dress this Heaven on Earth" - Feli Donose.
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An empty wall is like a space without life. Whenever you choose a photo, a painting or a sculpture for decoration, you expose your personality in front of visitors, guests, customers ...

Your private or workspace can become different, original, amazing and very welcoming, following the investment in art.

Exposed Artworks

Is ArchiveDeArt much more than an art gallery? online, it is a meeting point between curious people, collectors, artists, galleries, art critics, curators ...

Vote, discuss, share and share your artwork, watch the activity of the artists you live in intereseaz ?. Keep up to date with art news contemporary?.

Be aware of the latest artists and their offers.

visualize artwork directly in your space

How it works

Upload a picture of the wall where you want to expose your favorite artwork and visualize it before buying it.

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Invest in Art

but why with ArhivaDeArta ?


Every artist who opens a gallery on the ArhivaDeArta portal is verified, eliminating the possibility of a fraud on the work you are buying. Every work of art will be accompanied by a certificate attesting authenticity and origin.


All payments you initiate on our portal are made through PayPal payment processor, and the transport of artwork is performed in a special framework in collaboration with DHL . All purchases are followed by the invoice, everything being done in accordance with the laws of Romania and EU.

How does ArhivaDeArta work

You will register as an exhibitor 

The exhibitor ads artwork at a fixed price for sale or auction

The customer purchases works from one or more exhibitors

It automatically calculates the commission and is retained from the price displayed by the exhibitor

The exhibitor automatically receives the money in the specified account