About us

Hello reader,

The ArhivaDeArta project was born out of love for art and out of respect for the Romanian artist.

Born in Bucharest, ArhivaDeArta is recognized on all seven continents and has partnerships with art galleries and artists from different corners of the world.

The ArchiveDeArta portal is owned and managed by Global Cloud srl, a company with a young team. , where people from different cultures and nationalities are found, having collaborators from America to India, Greece, Pakistan, all united together? through the entrepreneurial spirit of Global Cloud founder - Ingrid Stegaru.

The Global Cloud project is an ambitious one, financed entirely from own funds, and the ArchiveDeArta portal is just a part of the investment I started to make? company Global Cloud srl in the Romanian cultural space.

we are very glad that we cannot thank all those who will hear from us or will visit us, but we propose through our projects to form launching ramps for young people eager to assert themselves and to share their ideas. divided? rt ?? EASC? creativity.

Is ArchiveDeArt much more than an art gallery? online, is a meeting point between curious people, collectors, artists, galleries, art critics, curators?

Global Cloud thanks everyone who collaborated on the ArhivaDeArta project:

Jacoby , Boone , Anve , Vapvarun , Eisenwasser , Jamie ,

The Cozmoslabs team - Alexander Besliu

Smartbill and MobilPay team

We learn every day and we can only say so: - We will not stop here!