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Welcome To Art And History Virtual Museum

Not only the outstanding quality of the collection, but also our high level of activity in the areas of research, exhibitions and education guarantee the ArhivaDeArta prominent position in the international virtual museum .

What is ArhivaDeArta?

We are an independent art gallery from Romania, founded in 2019 by Ingrid Stegaru. Arhiva De Artă Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to promoting national and international artists seeking exposure on the global art market.
Arhiva De Artă connects artists both online, through the platform we manage, and offline through the artistic events we manage every month of the year. All this together creates a constantly growing family dedicated to the world of fine arts.
Arhiva De Artă is much more than an online art gallery, it is a meeting point between curious people, collectors, artists, galleries, art critics, curators.
The Art Archive Gallery is created to contribute to the cultural education of society, to the development of artistic taste and the need for beauty.
Our team consists of numerous technicians from several countries such as: Austria, India, Greece, U.S.A., Israel, Serbia, Germany, Italy.
The collaboration with Interpol since the establishment of the company has brought us a plus in the field of art and the study carried out on this sector.
2022 was a tough year, but we achieved a much-desired promotion, at the end of a season full of challenges and in a final where our team, like a gladiator, did not leave any hope unfulfilled, we became a united whole, a team, an unbeatable one, for the 257 hearts of the children in the E.G.A.L. Centers.
Together, we filled the exhibition halls, one by one, we became official partners of the Romanian Senate, our cry and the signal drawn to the children from the E.G.A.L Centers resounded throughout the city, either on posters located in the city, the media, the press or even video advertisements on all plasmas in the Bucharest Metro in November and December.
We were present at the World Exhibition in Dubai, collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to represent Romania in the Technical section.

2020 -2022 were really different years!
Details, ideas for placing things, places for the public, attention paid to details that contribute to completion and stability, polishing or ornamentation of the whole ensemble, inventory and elimination of the old… that’s basically what 2020-2021 looked like. – we gathered from the many locations, where we were given to carol, we inaugurated, and then sat at the table negotiating innovative ideas, analyzing the impact, which we would like the activity of our Gallery to produce in the life of the city and county… we noted, selected and prioritized, we chose to be much closer to the people, listening and respecting their needs.
We used all methods of promotion, but the most effective of all was the exhibition itself.
We accepted and provoked partnerships, collaborations, of more and more diverse types, trying to instill in people the idea of ​​perceiving the public library differently, as a place of diversity, of meetings of all kinds, of finding the purpose of every moment, for which we did not have a efficiency and valorization solution.
Yes, the visitors came and with them the praises… I received them all with the joy of living a dream come true! The carolers were the ones who helped us end a rich year, a year of finding balance, of entering into normality and persistence, in another way of transmitting the message of the wisdom of the ages, by being close to the public, always innovating, being one step ahead before the needs of people today, tomorrow, forever…
We also tried to introduce rural communities in TV shows, considering that through this means of promotion, we will draw attention to the cultural-educational, rich and diverse offer that dedicated employees can offer to people, regardless of where they are. they have the domicile or are found for a certain period (leaves, vacations, visits…).
We will continue the journey through the counties, opening other doors to get to know our beauties, both through people and through the special natural wealth.
Through these events we experience the greatest joy, when we manage to complete the proposed targets for helping these little ones.


Oil Painting
Royal Jewels
Folk Costume

The Mission ArhivaDeArta | Art And
History Museum

Our mission is to serve the public through the collection, conservation, exhibition, and interpretation of significant works of art from a broad range of cultures and historical periods, and through the translation of these collections into meaningful educational, aesthetic, intellectual, and cultural experiences for the widest array of audiences.

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